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My family’s favorite foods I baked in 2020

It might be 2021 now but that does not mean it’s too late to reflect on all of the baked goods I consumed in order to distract myself from the global pandemic!

Seriously, I made a running list on stuff I baked while quarantining. Somehow I did not go through a bread breaking phase. Although, I was very tempted to make my own sourdough starter to keep as my own personal pet, but then I ended up getting an actual dog; her name is Ivy.

Instead of just me talking about what I liked, I figured I should ask the people that had to eat my baked goods. Anyway, here are some highly recommended recipes to try out as per my family’s recommendations:

Emilio: My younger brother immediately said his favorite thing I baked were Sarah Kieffer’s Neapolitan Cookies. Essentially, you divide up sugar cookie dough into three sections, add cocoa powder to one, freeze fried strawberry powder to another, and leave the last one alone. Then, combine small sections of eat into one ball to make one singular Neapolitan cookie. Emilio doesn’t even like fruit, yet consumed multiples of these cookies that have fruit in them! Multiples! If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.

Eduardo: My older brother declined to answer my question, but I have deduced that his favorites were the Tie Dye Butter Cookies by Rick Martinez, solely based off of how much fun he had decorating them. I made these cookies around Christmas time so my family could decorate together. It was very fun and very chaotic, 10/10 would recommend. Yes, I do know Bon Appetit is controversial, but I love Rick Martinez so much that I had to.

Mom: Speaking of controversial, Alison Roman also had her own controversy in 2020, but pre controversy I made her Lemony Turmeric Tea Cake and my mom is absolutely obsessed with. She requests it all the time. I have a small blog post about this cake already, so I won’t talk about it too much. Just know that it’s really good.

Dad: As you may or may not be able to tell, I had a Bon Appetit phase in 2020 before I found out that they don’t pay their employees fair wages, specifically the employees of color. But before all of that came out, I felt like everyone was trying out their baking challenge. From this challenge, both the Earl Grey Yogurt Cake and Sour Cream and Onion Biscuits were amongst my dad’s favorites of 2020. If you like the flavor of earl grey, this cake is for you. And who doesn’t like biscuits?

My personal favorites: I made Rick Martinez’s Chocolate Blackout Cake for Mother’s Day. It did take a while to make but every single component came together so seamlessly and it tasted so good. My favorite component was the chocolate pudding for the filling; I could eat it on its own. I discovered Erin McDowell’s Banana Bread recipe this year too and I made it way too many times. Sarah Kieffer in general is one of my favorite discoveries of this year. I recently got her 100 Cookies cookbook and I love it, but she has has tons of recipes on her blog which is where I found her Cinnamon Roll recipe. I made these for Thanksgiving morning and they were by far my favorite thing I baked this year.

Bonus: Jeremy Scheck is my favorite food TikToker and his Chewy Ginger Crackles were perfect for fall and A Cozy Kitchen’s Detroit Style Pan Pizza was surprisingly easy.

Here’s to learning how to take good food photography in 2021!


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